SMAX - the modular system

SMAX - the modular system
SMAX - the top-class modular exhibition system!

SMAX is a Lego®-based construction system with which you can build almost any shape or size exhibition stand. Our modular systems fit any of shop fitting and exhibition layout and enhance the appearance of any product presentation design.

For all systems, the general rule applies that all equal types can be interlinked as much as needed. The junction notches are every 45 degrees so that walls can be positioned in different shapes, such as triangle, square,  rectangle, polygon, L-form, U-form…
  • SMAX is extremely mobile – our Combination #2 weighs only 25kg and it all fits in one carrying bag!

Any combination include the following:
  • feet, in case of combination #2 3, each with a mounting for 1 pole
  • steplessly adjustable two-piece telescopic poles 125-210cm. Combination #2 includes 3 additional fix poles of 100cm. In case  graphic height is only 210cm , you can use the telescopic poles only.
  • main profiles with a width of 120cm
  • profile connectors which allow an extension max. 70cm, located between 2 main profiles
  • junctions for suspension on top
  • junctions for suspension on bottom
  • Lateral profile holders can be exchanged by concealed profile holders so that the lateral poles are hidden
The main profiles have gouged holes. Connection profiles have springy components that snap into place. Screened width adjustment due to gouged holes at an interval of 5cm; however an unscreened  width adjustment (without snapping in) is possible.
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